Ask any American about the greatest threats to their nation and you get a laundry list ranging from unemployment, poor schools, drugs, illegal immigration to terrorism. Not on the list and not once mentioned in the past year’s political debates lies the largest looming threat to America’s security, economy and overall quality of life: obesity. According to a new report from the Trust for America’s Health and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 50% of American adults will be obese by the year 2030. 

The report entitled “F as in Fat” begins with the CDC’s findings earlier this year that 35.7 percent of adults and 16.9 percent of children (age: 2-19) are currently obese. The report extrapolates state by state statistics and predicts that no state will have an adult obesity rate less than 44% by 2030 and 13 states are predicted to exceed 60%.

The impact on this rise in obesity is cataclysmic. Diabetes cases will rise to 7.9 million new cases per year along with a 5-fold increase in annual cases of chronic heart disease and stroke above current levels.

The economic impact is dire as well. Obesity related diseases already account for $147 billion of an annual $2.7 trillion health care budget (17% of our GDP). It is predicted that the cost of obesity will add another $66 billion per year to the health care tab.

Will this prediction become reality? Most experts agree that if we stay on our current path that it will but hold out hope that specific interventions can change the dynamic in short order. While Americans seem to be addicted to a multi-billion diet industry little attention has been paid to their lack of activity.

“Simply doubling the steps an average American walks per day would have a tremendously positive effect on obesity and related diseases. Walking 10,000 steps per day has been shown to reduce the risk of initial heart attacks by 90% and stroke by 70% in previous studies,” stated Steve Bordley, championing a Movement Revolution through his firm TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. “Sometimes when the solutions are right in front of us, we tend to push them to the side. Walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day would have a dramatic impact on the health landscape of our country.”
TrekDesk Movement Revolution

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