Obesity and depression are like the two sides of a coin, virtually inseparable, according to a new study.

When one is present, the other cannot be far behind, found the study which concluded that people who are fat often end up depressed - and people who are depressed may expand horizontally. Obese people are more likely to become depressed because they see themselves being in poor health and are upset over the way they look.

One way to cure both (consult a physician first) is to walk. Walking has been shown to be extremely effective in combatting mild forms of depression and having a dramatic impact on obesity if combined with proper diet. Treadmill desks allow individuals to walk all day and may be the solution many are seeking.

The correlation between obesity and depression was particularly prevalent among women and those of high socio-economic status, according to the study, published in the latest issue of the journal Clinical Psychology. At the same time, people who are depressed may be more likely to become obese because of physiological changes in their hormone and immune systems that occur in depression. They may also become obese because their behavior changes and they are less likely to perform necessary levels of physical fitness. Treadmill desks make exercise automatic and may assit in this concern as well.

Also, they have more difficulty taking good care of themselves because of symptoms and consequences of depression, such as difficulty adhering to fitness regiments, overeating, and having negative thoughts.

Treatments such as exercise and stress reduction can help to manage both obesity and depression at the same time. Potentially, dieting, which can worsen mood, and antidepressants, which can cause weight gain, should be minimized.

The treatment of depression and obesity should be integrated, the study concluded. Sticking with an exercise program is challenging for most of us however utilizing a treadmill desk makes exercise automatic and a daily part of your life.

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