We have written extensively over the years as to the alarming rates of sedentarism in the United States. As a nation, we are perhaps, the most inactive nation in the world and that has health repercussions that go way beyond the debates on health care.


How bad is it? A recent study out of Oregon State University and the University of Mississippi looked into four basic health factors to see how average Americans performed – healthy diets, moderate exercise, non-smokers and normal body fat compositions. How did we fare? Miserably. Only 2.7% of American adults achieved this low bar health measurement in all four factors.


These four health characteristics are important because they represent lower rates of cancers, heart disease and type II diabetes, and stroke, when adherence levels are high.


The study was gleaned from an introspection of 4,745 adults involved in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, combining self reported information and measured levels as well.


The study found some interesting results when analyzing particular mixes of these four factors:

-       Those with normal body fat percentages were more apt to have health levels of HDL and total cholesterol.

-       71% did not smoke, 10% had normal BMI’s, 46% achieved moderate exercise levels (which unfortunately do not take into consideration inactivity levels), and 38% ate a healthy diet.

-       Women were more likely to not smoke and eat a healthy diet but less likely to be active.

-       Adults 60 years or older illustrated fewer healthy characteristics than those in the 20-39 age group, yet consumed a healthier diet while being less physically active.

-       Mexican Americans were the most likely to consume a healthier diet than any other ethnic group studied.


While there are glimmers of hope in the above reportings, it is shocking that a mere 2.7% of the adult population, on average, adheres to these four basic health tenets. Especially alarming when one considers that the levels defining moderate exercise are set so low to begin with.


America’s descent into unhealthy behavior can be tracked from our emergence as an agrarian society to that of an industrial nation, however the increase in health related issues has shown a much more precipitous increase in the past twenty years due to a decrease in physical activity caused by the technological revolution.




You would have to be living under a rock these past few years not to have heard about the health/productivity hazards of prolonged sitting either in the home or at the office.  So it is going to cause more than a few raised eyebrows to learn that standing for too long a period also has a negative impact on worker productivity and health.


A new study published in the Journal of Human Factors and Ergonomics Society has added to a growing body of evidence that shows standing for prolonged periods causes (at the very least) long term fatigue, leg cramps, and lower extremity and/or back injury.


Sit or Stand? Which is Better?


That should be a sobering fact for the millions that have opted for standing desks. Obviously, this has far reaching implications when one considers that nearly 50% of all employees worldwide stand for approximately 75% of their workday.


So, we can’t stand all day and we can’t sit all day, what is the answer? To date, as far as we know, no definitive study has determined what is the proper ratio of sitting to standing during the day. Using evolutionary observation as a guide it would seem that workers would benefit most from work environments that allowed them to keep moving through out the day. By remaining upright and in motion they can combat the negative consequences of both sitting and standing in one spot for too long.


The study authors from the Department of Health Sciences and Technology at ETH Zurich found evidence of significant long-term fatigue after five-hour standing workdays, despite the inclusion of regularly spaced seated breaks. This fatigue persisted for a period of at least 30 minutes following a seated recovery period as well. These finding were consistent independent of workers ages.


"Long-term fatigue after prolonged standing work may be present without being perceived," stated Maria Gariela García. "Current work schedules for standing work may not be adequate for preventing fatigue accumulation, and this long-lasting muscle fatigue may contribute to musculoskeletal disorders and back pain."


There is a mounting debate in executive circles about the efficacy, efficiency, and economic advantages of a change from standard desks to treadmill and standing desks. Finally. We have been banging this drum since 2008 and although the concept of getting employees up and out of their chairs for their health is not yet mainstream it is certainly on the radar screen.



Change is slow, painfully slow in this case where the merits are so scientifically evident. There are literally hundreds of studies indicting sedentary lifestyles as public enemy number one, leading to obesity, heart disease, cancers, diabetes – you name the disease and sitting exacerbates the risks.




Scientists have also pointed out the incredible benefits of walking a minimum of five miles per day (the average American walks less than half of this amount) in terms of mood elevation, weight loss, disease prevention, increases in cognitive ability, and boosts in energy levels. Yet for some reason executives at major corporations have been loathe to connect the health risks of sitting and the benefits of movement with a clear direction that would remove employees from the shackles of office cubicles.




Microscope treadmill Desk


Money? Lack of concern? Scientific disputes? Proof of concept?


Nope. While all over the above objections play a major role in the initial objection to standing and treadmill desks, we have witnessed a larger hurdle.







While standing desks and treadmill desks have received a lot of attention in the press they are not yet a “hot topic” in the circles of CEO’s. A lot of executives are still in the dark as to the necessity to get their employees up and moving. Oddly, the same can still be said for a large number of health experts and physicians.



Articles like FastcoDesign’s “Everything Science Knows Right Now About Standing Desks” go largely unnoticed in boardrooms. Even their comprehensive list of benefits to moving and standing desks, while helpful, leaves out a large number of studies and additional benefits.



We would argue that the multitude of studies outlining the health benefits of walking in general should be added into the debate, since this is what a treadmill desk fosters: the ability to walk slowly the entire day if desired.  The FastcoDesign article sighted 23 studies on “active desks” and their impact on physiological health and psychological performance. That’s a very small sampling of available information despite their positive reflections.



As an example, which seems more important – the fact that treadmill desk use raised heart beats an average of 12 beats more per minute more than sitting desks or the fact that walking 10,000 steps per day (along with a healthy lifestyle) would (according to the American Heart Association) reduce the risk of initial heart attacks in this country by 90%?



What seems more mission critical the health of our nation, a small study showing an average weight loss of 3-7 pounds annually among treadmill desk users or a 50% reduction in the alarming rate of Type II diabetes through walking and lifestyle changes? We have quite a few TrekDesk users who have lost in excess of 50-100 lbs by the way.



Why the focus on scientific minutiae when broad range implications are so readily available and obvious? We are not blaming the FastcoDesign article understand, in fact we applaud it for listing a number of the distinct advantages of raising employees out of their chairs. We simply want to accelerate the dialogue to basic “big-picture” facts.



1.  Sitting Kills – Pure and simple.

2.  Movement Heals.

3.  We are a sedentary society and that needs to change.

4.  Walking improves concentration, productivity and creativity.



Stepping back to look at this bigger picture combined with a leadership backdrop that is willing to embrace science will propel this movement much faster.



By now many people realize the health hazards associated with too much time spent sitting during the day however few realize that activity is not an “all or nothing” proposition.


A new study out of the University of Utah has shown that as little as two minutes of walking each hour may be enough to offset the metabolic hazards of prolonged sitting and lead to longer healthier lives.


The University of Utah has a long history of recognizing and uncovering new technologies and strategies to combat America’s health challenges beginning with Dr. Liz Joy who started promoting the concept of the TrekDesk 6 months before we brought it to the market.


Stay Away from Desks They Are Bad for Health


The lead author of this new study Srinivasan Beddhu, M.D., professor of internal medicine stated that the cumulative effects of these short breaks compiled over the work week can add up to a significant portion of the kcal expenditures recommended for weekly moderate exercise goals. "Based on these results we would recommend adding two minutes of walking each hour in combination with normal activities, which should include 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week." 


The study, published in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (CJASN) followed 3,243 NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) participants examined the effects of light activity, such as walking and its impact on lifespan for individuals who spent most of the day in sedentary pursuits.


You can read many more health related items and tips at the University of Utah Health Feed.  



Remember the old Saturday Night Live Billy Crystal character's Hollywood philosophy of "It's not how you feel it's how you look - and you look maaahvalous"? Unfortunately a lot of air brushed fitness photos perpetuate this slogan and myth to the point where many Americans simply have given up on their health.


TrekDesk is trying to re-educate America that staying active can lead to tremendous health gains even when our body shapes are less than marvelous. Science is proving that an active obese individual is actually healthier than a sedentary thin individual. If you haven't read about recent studies in this regard please read some of the research in our obesity section.


Contrary to Mr. Crystal's character TrekDesk believes that how one feels about themselves is perhaps the most important aspect of their life and shame and/or futility due to unmet or unrealistic fitness goals does more harm than good. So, we took a survey to find out at the end of the day how our TrekDesk users felt to provide an insight into the mental and physical aspects of walking at work.


Here is what we asked  a number of our TrekDesk users: 


"Please tell us how you feel at the end of the work day when you have been using your TrekDesk. Feel free to include your other physical activities and miles walked away from your TrekDesk.":




1.	I feel great knowing that I've walked a lot of miles and completed a lot of school work.
2.	I feel good that I was able to exercise and work at the same time.
3.	Full of energy and ready to face the evening!  I am also happy that I both exercised and worked so both tasks are done for the day. 
4.	Definitely less fatigue and stiffness.
5.	I use the desk for reading and doing sudoku on my iPad. I haven't really been able to work at it. I would have to walk even more slowly. Partly, my eyesight makes it difficult to see many books at that distance and with my head moving.
6.	Great!!
7.	Feel great and super energized even after a 10 hour work day.
8.	Significantly less fatigued.
9.	When I was using it all day every day my legs felt tired but  I was satisfied. It was about the only exercise I was getting.
10.	Invigorated and cramps calves.
11.	I don't get tired so quickly as if I would be when sitting. So I can put in more hours if needed. I'm runner too, running off-road trails for 10K or more every other day. I also hike, swim, ski, mountainbike, rollerblade, tennis and play table tennis.
12.	I work as a teacher by day and don't have access to my TrekDesk.  I use it at home for my second job as a writer and I feel more energized after writing if I use it. 
13.	Sometimes my legs are exhausted at the end of the day from walking.  They may be tired and ache but because they have been moving - not because they are stuck in one position under a desk. This one is in my home office and now I have a stand up desk in my office (without the treadmill for now) because I feel so much better from my TrekDesk at home.  Would recommend to anyone.  I run just five miles per week in addition to using my TrekDesk and work out about three days per week. 
14.	More energized than the days I don't use it; always sleep great.
15.	Retired...use it to watch TV and surf online
16.	Great.
17.	I feel a "good" tired! 
18.	I feel energized and just really good about what I have done. It sort of gets at that difficult to quantify quality of life measures of happiness. I just feel happy :)
19.	I feel like I have accomplished something. Would rather walk than sit all day.
20.	Tired and achey.
21.	Good - better than when I used to sit all day
22.	It feels great to move and yet get normally work that would keep me stationary accomplished. 
23.	The biggest thing I notice is that I sleep better and have less back pain when I use the TrekDesk. I also walk ~4 additional miles each day with my dogs, and I work out between 30 & 60 minutes each day.
24.	I don't use mine at work. I use it at home while playing computer games.
25.	I typically get 6 miles a day in so I feel great!
26.	I used it at home for work I did in the evening.  I did not use it during the day.
27.	I feel great- energized. I typically walk 3.5-6 hours a day
28.	Like I got my exercise in for the day without sacrificing the office work i need to do.
29.	I always feel good at work. I've been using my treadmill desk so long that I don't know what NOT using it would feel like.
30.	On a good day I'll log 15 miles at my TrekDesk and another 2.5 on my lunch break.
31.	Tired and a little sore -- but fine.
32.	I feel more energized and ready to exercise again and again.
33.	This is a very important device that can change peoples lives.
34.	Much better - 
35.	I feel fine; usually I am glad to get out of shoes!
36.	I feel much better.   When I am not using my TrekDesk the stress and muscle ache of sitting all day builds.
37.	Good.
38.	I feel energized well into the evening and my sleep has definitely been helped which in turn helps me the next day. I also do Yoga or Pilates each morning and I feel like I have more energy to do those activities.
39.	I cycle to work 25 miles round trip.  About 12000 steps daily.
40.	Muscles are not as tight, I'm able to do more without as much back pain (sciatica). I do have shoulder pain from the desk being too tall (even at the lowest setting), but I am working thru that with a Physical Therapist. 
41.	My legs are a little fatigued after 3-4 hours walking but most days I still do a 30-45 minute cardio workout on an elliptical.
42.	Great!  Good feeling of accomplishment.
43.	Accomplished.
44.	Better than I have ever felt before because I have energy. My brain still functions like it did in the morning at the end of my work day. 
45.	I am not very motivated in exercising away from work, so without the TrekDesk and tread mill I would be a total slob.  This way I can exercise while I work which is a double plus for me.
46.	My work days vary considerably in physical location, so I can't always use the TrekDesk. But, in general, I feel energized by and motivated to continue the use of the TrekDesk.
47.	Both energized and tired. Sleeping better which is significant. 
48.	Feel good. I use it in addition to working out at the gym. I use it outside of work hours to check email, watch Netflix, and do work on the computer. 
49.	Feelin good.
50.	I have more energy, I no longer have issues with swollen feet and ankles, and I have the energy to keep up with my daughter's soccer and running activities.
51.	I have the TrekDesk for home use.  It is very easy to use throughout the day.
52.	Good, energized.
53.	I also walk (with my dog), ride my bike, and paddle my kayak.  i don't feel as sedentary now that I'm not sitting at my desk :)
54.	More energetic, feel like I've done something good for my body.
55.	I feel very good that I did not sit down all day. Either i walk or stand at the TrekDesk.
56.	My feet and back are sore from standing. I'm almost always standing rather than walking. That's my own fault, but it's reality and I can't be the only one so I should be counted in the survey. 
57.	Relaxed.
58.	Much more energy, added sense of accomplishment, better attitude, physically--just much healthier!
59.	I like to go for a run after I work and/or go to the gym and lift weights.
60.	Energized. Fewer back aches. 
61.	Good it supplements my walking program.
62.	Much better than sitting all day.  I walk 5-7 miles per day instead of sitting at my desk for 10 hours per day.
63.	Tired.  I can also walk 8 miles, but lately my hip has been bothering me.
64.	Great and can tell when i'm away from the office and not using it.
65.	No more exercise than what I do at work except mowing the lawn once a week. 
66.	Great! We are a very active company. A lot more so than most organizations and we focus on healthy lifestyle choices. We also have walking trails and play frisbee golf on the grounds. 
67.	Pretty tired! :-)
68.	I do a single set each of pushups, modified pullups, leg lifts, and jumping jacks every day as well.
69.	Legs are a little tired.  But it's good
70.	Feeling slightly more energetic in the afternoon, and can go to bed much easier.
71.	No different.
72.	More energy. 
73.	Reinvigorated.
74.	I felt very frustrated because I would have to move my laptop to a regular desk and get my work done from there.
75.	Great. I can still walk with my wife when I go home: an extra 2 to 3 miles with no fatigue or soreness, even after walking 5 to 7 miles at work, 2.0 MPH
76.	Tired! Kind of like a hamster on a wheel. 
77.	More energy.
78.	I feel much better if I use it for at least part of the day.
79.	Used at home in the basement.
80.	The usual workday is 8+ hours in front of a computer. The ability to exercise while working is crucial to feeling fit and happy for the rest of the evening.
81.	Energetic.
82.	I’m usually pretty well rested but also have that satisfactory feeling of a good workout.  In addition I do work out doing both cardio and weights at a gym 4-5 times a week.
83.	More energized and like I have worked out.
84.	Mood is significantly better than the days I have sat at my desk all day.
85.	Great!  I really miss the TrekDesk when I'm working remotely or traveling.  I now get really restless working at a sitting desk.
86.	Only use at evening. Feel good.
87.	I'm pretty active with biking, circuit training, yoga, and hiking--so sometimes I stand.
88.	I ride a stationary bike for 1 hour early am, reading. Now computer work on the treadmill. Using voice recognition dragon software, sometimes it prints, will, will, will because of faster breathing or the motor, but that backs out quick enough. I feel a bit rubber-leged for just a short spell afterwards.
89.	I just use the desk at home, but it makes me feel more productive.
90.	Awesome and tired my feet were hurting but I felt like I accomplished more work. 
91.	I feel great - not tired at all.
92.	Same.
93.	Tired and sore... but it's a good tired and sore. Better then the numb feeling from sitting in a chair for hours at a time.
94.	Limber
95.	I feel better throughout the day and find it easier to stay on task. I also sleep better as I have exercised more throughout the day.
96.	I feel great that I have had movement throughout the day. I used to sit at my laptop all day and now I really feel a sense of accomplishment.
97.	I feel great! 
98.	I feel great, and healthy. Walking is a joy and I usually work after dinner for two hours and teach an 8 pm class online. The TrekDesk helps me have the motivation and enthusiasm to engage students effectively. They can sense my level of energy!
99.	Utilizing the TrekDesk during my workday has alleviated neck, shoulder and back pain, has increased my activity level, relieved street and boosted my productivity.
100.	Not tired.
101.	More relaxed and less tired.  I also lift weights at Golds 4 days /week.
102.	Feel good
103.	When I work at TrekDesk, I don't have to medicate as much and my mind is clearer.
104.	I use it after work.
105.	Feel better.
106.	As I mentioned in question 3 - my knees and legs were absolutely destroyed by the end of my work day. I am an avid cyclist and couldn't even ride bike in the evenings or the following day due to issues with my knees and legs the preceding day.
107.	Training for half marathon so running three times per week.  Tired most days if standing all day at TrekDesk.
108.	Great.
109.	Sometimes my feet are sore.
110.	Great morning and throughout day, a bit tired at end of day but honestly expected.  Doesn't stop me from getting on every morning.
111.	Great! I also do yoga a few times a week and life weights; plus I walk my dogs about a mile every day, but TrekDesk makes me feel like I don't "have" to make it to the gym. 
112.	I average 11000-12000 steps per day.  I use the TrekDesk before and/or after work to work on my doctorate work.
113.	I feel a lot less guilty on the days that I use my TrekDesk, that's for sure.
114.	I can't really answer this as I don't regularly use it.
115.	At first my feet were very tired.  But now I don't usually have that issue -- especially when I'm walking.  Sometimes I end up with sore feet after I've used the trek desk as a standing desk. 
116.	Feel better than I ever felt after sitting in a chair all day. 
117.	I don't feel tired, even though I have been either standing or walking. I'm able to enjoy after-hour activities.
118.	Get more accomplished with work, more efficient finishing work.
119.	I feel tired but not the 'tired from sitting at a desk and not moving all day' kind of tired. I feel like I actually accomplished something good for my health while working. 
120.	Use it at home, not throughout work day.
121.	On the days I am in my office and get to walk I have lots more energy and am able to do my yoga and small weights also.
122.	Energetic
123.	I feel good about the fact that I didn't spend my day sitting at a desk....which, without the treadmill desk, I would be doing.
124.	I feel energized and ready to go instead of being in a slump at the end of the day. If I fall short of my goal, I stay a few minutes longer at a faster pace to sneak in the rest of a mile or  more steps on my Fitbit.
125.	I feel energized and happy I wasn't sitting all day.
126.	I don't typically use my TrekDesk throughout the whole day.  I'm rarely home that long.  But I use it when I'm able when I'm home.
127.	I feel complete.  I did my 10k steps a day, motivated,  accomplished.
128.	My feet hurt because I am literally standing for 8 hours because I can't walk on my treadmill without those on my conference calls hearing it.
129.	I spend many hours a day driving, so using my trek desk while doing my computer work is a great opportunity to get some exercise.
130.	I feel more refreshed and energetic. I also sleep better.  
131.	Better energy level.
132.	Feel good, less sedentary.
133.	Clearer mind. 
134.	Currently needing double disctectomy in neck which is tolerated because of better posture whilst using TrekDesk. 
135.	Good.
136.	GREAT!  I go to CrossFit 3 days/week after work and run local trails (greenbelt) 1-2 days/week, and feel great.
137.	I've been standing while on my laptop for a couple years, so being able to walk and stand is even better and I feel a lot better than just standing. 
138.	Accomplished; more alive.
139.	Fit and happy.
140.	I feel better when I use it. I often have hip pain if I sit most of the day.
141.	There is a high - similar to the one you get after a good workout.  I am proud of myself and more energized to get to my home tasks.
142.	More productive.
143.	Improvement overall. 
144.	Energized and ready to do more. When I sit all day, I really just want to go home and sleep! This energizes me to incorporate weightlifting and other activities into my week. It also inspires others to realize it is okay to have walking/active meetings.
145.	Accomplished.
146.	Good, legs a little tired.
147.	Feel greater.
148.	I feel better at the end of the day.  I usually walk about 1.5 to 2 hours a day.  In the beginning I walked as much as 5 hours a day.
149.	It's very difficult to work while I'm walking, but when I force myself to do it, I definitely feel like I've accomplished something other than work.
150.	I feel great and very refreshed. 
151.	I feel tired but happy. And sleep better.
152.	I don't feel 'drained' - Prior to getting a TrekDesk, all I wanted to do was hit the couch at the end of the day. I feel like I have more energy and want do participate in activities after work.
153.	Much better than on a desk.
154.	Better than when I do not!
155.	At first my feet were a little tired from walking so much, but I eventually got used to it.  I will average anywhere from 2-8 miles/day going 1.5-2mph. I feel GREAT at the end of the day and it is so nice to have movement all through the day so I don't have to go home and check it off my list!
156.	I generally feel fatigued at the end of the day, but my energy level is slowly rising to meet the new level of activity.  I'm feeling increasingly energetic to clean house or run errands after a long day of working and walking.
157.	I feel much more alive vs. sitting in front of a computer screen.
158.	I feel good -- took me a couple of days to get used to it, but now I love it.  I find myself walking more since I am already standing.  BY the end of the day I leave work happy knowing I wasn't sitting on my butt all day.
159.	Nothing too crazy, as i developed the planar fasciatias (however that's spelled) it was pretty painful if I stopped walking, didn't hurt as long as I walked which was counter intuitive.   Now that I do it in 20/30 m increments with a break between I feel fine.

160.	My wife says i actually have some definition in my legs and butt.   My frustration does come from the fact that my weight isn't moving much at all.
161.	Sense of accomplishment.
162.	I feel much better about work: happier and grateful my boss allows me to work this way.
163.	Some days I feel like I am tired like I had done an actual work out - but all I have done is walked  while working. 
164.	A little sweaty and tired in a good way.  Not just mentally tired but I have done something physical and my body is tired too.  I use the trekdesk about 2 hours on days I am in the office.
165.	After about 4-5 miles per day I feel good that I didn't waste the whole day sitting while working.
166.	I must say I do want to sit, I go to a gym and do exercise class and tennis and by the end of the day I am on a stool. An adjustable desk would be very nice!
167.	Good.
168.	Feel accomplished in getting some exercise in while working and that I was more productive on my work because of walking at the trekdesk.
169.	I only get on the treadmill for about 3 hours. But I always feel good at the end of the day.
170.	Again, I only use it on the weekends and I usually get in 3 miles a day.  I still walk my 4 miles on the weekend for exercise at a faster pace to get my heart rate up.
171.	I feel healthier and that I have "earned" sitting down or relaxing at the end of the day. I also workout an hour every day. 
172.	I feel physically and mentally energized at the end of my work day after using my TrekDesk!  
173.	It definitely helps to use this in the early afternoon to overcome fatigue.
174.	I am involved with CrossFit so using the TrekDesk during the day helps with soreness from workouts and keeps my muscles warm so I have better workouts.
175.	I love to walk outdoors - am on my TrekDesk now - typing this - but will do a 3 mile walk around our lake in just a few minutes with our dogs.  I also ride my bike on weekends and love the ocean for bodysurfing or pool for swimming laps.
176.	It's a sense of satisfaction that I didn't sit all day.  I like standing and moving.
177.	I feel alert and energized at the end of the day.
178.	Fine.
179.	Much more energy.
180.	I walked until my feet hurt about 5 hours loved it.
181.	Love it. 
182.	i have much more energy, feel less fatigued, am happy I moved my body throughout the day, less back pain.
183.	That I accomplished something for myself besides just work.
184.	I am doing two things at the same time that all of their important to me.
185.	I run, kayak, row and exercise at least an hour a day in addition. But I feel great using the TrekDesk.
186.	I feel energized and ready to go. I don't feel like I just walked all day. I am ready for more!!
187.	TrekDesk is my primary daily exercise. I feel great after using it, whether for my morning walk or throughout the day at a slow pace.  Other activities are caring for our property.
188.	Tired and satisfied.  I sleep better. 
189.	Usually in a better mood.
190.	Generally I use it to think, I think better while I'm walking. This article really resonated with me: http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/walking-helps-us-think
191.	Much healthier and in a better mood.  
192.	Just doing the three hours per day I notice that I sleep MUCH better at night and no longer doze off in the evening.
193.	More energetic and overall happier.
194.	Try to get 10,000 steps a day and my trek desk keeps me on schedule every day.
195.	If I've done at least one full hour on the treadmill by the end of the day, I feel good.
196.	Great, it is just part of my work day. I have one at the office and at home. I can't imagine going back to sitting at a desk and being in pain at the end of the day.
197.	I feel good. I also bike about 5-10 miles/day 3 days/week.
198.	I have sciatica so I don't feel awesome, but I feel slightly less un-awesome than I do if I sit the entire time. 
199.	I start my day with a 6 mile run every morning, so walking on the TrekDesk has been a wonderful complement to my daily routine to keep me moving and my mind active.  I now end my work day with energy and a clear head instead of feeling sluggish and in a mind fog.
200.	I think working while standing improves my health
201.	It wakes me up and helps me get through the mid day.  If i walk too much i am tired and sore but i am still getting used to it.  Other times i have more energy.
202.	I love doing two things at once.  I feel like I accomplished more.
203.	Fatigued.
204.	Good.
206.	I also weight lift and go to a crossfit gym.
207.	Better than the alternative of sitting on my rear end all day.
208.	Back feels better.
209.	Tired legs.
210.	I feel much better.  It hurt my feet and ankles at firs, but now it's painless.
211.	I usually feel pretty good by the end of the day. On average between my TrekDesk and other activities, I walk anywhere from 32,000 to 40,000 steps per day.
212.	i have not done consistently well with a pattern of practice yet.
213.	1-2 miles / day; exhausting.
214.	I feel "normal" which is great.  As opposed to when I don't use my trekdesk (e.g. when i travel for work) and then i really notice the difference because my back starts to seize up and i can't wait to get back home and back into my walking routine!
215.	I do a 30-60 minute workout 5-6 days a week in our home gym. But I found I was wasting a lot of time at my computer as it's easy to sit down and get comfy...surfing, instead of working. When I get to my trekdesk, I'm more focused on my work and then when I do surf the internet, I don't get lost in it. 
216.	Not using it.  Had to keep hopping on and hopping off and turning the treadmill on and off.  Treadmill was noisy. Hard to walk and write at the same time. Losing too much productivity.
217.	Like  I did two things at once.
218.	I really like my TrekDesk.
219.	I want mine back!
220.	Tired - in a great way.  Not just drained.
221.	Awesome - this desk has saved me - I feel better if I walk all day than if I sit all day and I get more done in less time.
222.	Usually better.  I have to admit, though, that a knee injury has side-lined my use of the desk for a while.  I am trying to get back to it as part of my PT program.
223.	Our TrekDesk is located in the home.  Not as sore and tired at the end of the day.  Makes working on the computer easy.
224.	I walk away with a sense of satisfaction. I've been more productive and I feel like I'm a little more organized.  No doubt the boost of energy from my walking helps me to keep going.
225.	IDK
226.	Much less tired. More of me left over.
227.	Energized.
228.	Accomplished is what I feel at the end of the day!
229.	I am glad I didn't sit for the time i walked :)
230.	Great! I do light yoga every morning and more intense yoga a couple of nights a week, as well as lifting weights 2X/week. I also walk my dogs about a mile every day.  
231.	During the week, this is my major form of exercising.  I know it makes me more alert throughout the day, as I go for a mile after breakfast and again after lunch.  I do the rest in the evening while watching the news before dinner.
232.	Better about my work day.
233.	More energetic, felt like I was able to work or check emails and be moving around and not idle and sitting like I do for 10 hrs every day at a computer





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