We take great pride in our customer service. Selling TrekDesk since 2009 we have compiled an impressive 4.6 (out of 5) review rating on Amazon and have had reviews posted on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites that we have compiled in our Testimonials section




Reviews: TrekDesk Treadmill Desk


In September we sent out a survey to the TrekDesk family of users and asked them to review a number of aspects of the TrekDesk. We previously featured the health benefits they experienced in our Blog section which you can read here. We also were interested to find out how they would review their experience with the TrekDesk today since so many have been using TrekDesk since 2009.  We received 158 reviews to this part of the survey, more than many products receive in 5 years on Amazon so we wish to thank all of the TrekDesk users who took the time to respond.


In this portion of our survey questionnaire here is what we asked: "If you have never posted an Amazon review about the TrekDesk please tell us what you think here on a scale of 1-5 (5 Highest).":


  1. 1. The TrekDesk is a wonderful way to get exercise and work done at the same time.




    2. It helps keep your life more organized. I love the TrekDesk. It helps me to manage my weight and enhances my energy level. I definitely rate this a 5.




    3. Posted an amazon review... 4 stars, wish it came in other colors (especially black!).




    4. Amazing product!




    5. 5 Stars.




    6. It is awesome!  A little bit bulky but a terrific way to keep my mind and body engaged throughout the work day!




    7. Love this product. I swear by it. It's a guaranteed health-booster and lifespan-stretcher!




    8.I posted a very positive Amazon review and have answered several questions from others on theI really like mine.  It was a big investment for me, but worth every penny.




    9. 4 out of five. The concept is great!  With a few small adjustments- stronger base to hold monitor arm, wider table for working, need to sell with treadmill w/ remote for easier access to treadmill controls.




    10. 5 stars; makes me feel great and allows activity during a day at my desk.


    11. Great way to exercise.


    12. I posted a score of 5.


    13. I have always been active in my life, in my work, and at home. Our family does not sit down very often and, up until about 3 years ago I had a very active work life. I never sat for more than a few minutes at a time. Over the past 3 years my job responsibilities shifted and much of my day involved sitting down at a computer. As you know, "sitting is the new smoking" and despite every effort to maintain my active lifestyle and exercise daily, when you sit for 8+ hours a day by the evening time you are somehow exhausted. That all changed when the administration of my work place. I made a concerted effort to change the culture in our building and get back to our roots of movement. They made health and wellness a pillar of focus for our institution. As we all know and as we see in our daily lives, our population is sick. We suffer with chronic disease, much of which is preventable through the lifestyle choices that we make. The sad thing is that most chronic disease is largely preventable and the most exciting thing is that most chronic disease is largely preventable!!! We just need to educate people and empower them to take control of their own health!! The exercise portion of this or at least the lack of sedentary behaviors can be dealt with through the use of the TrekDesk in a very easy and inexpensive way. 

    14. I purchased a TrekDesk for my home office and I continue to use it actively at 4+ hours per day. That translates into 10+ miles per day that I would otherwise not have walked!!! The TrekDesk has really and truly changed my life for the better!!! Thank you! Thank you!


    15. I love my TrekDesk. I have not had everything set up very long. I'm hoping to improve my heart health (recent pacemaker implanted), lower cholesterol, and lose weight. 


    16. It seems to work well, but it is too soon to know.


    17. 5 -Terrific value - plenty of room - easy to set up and move - high quality - very sturdy.


    18. It's the desk of my dreams for my treadmill. Plus I get a physical workout as well.


    19. 4 Stars. I enjoy using my trek desk--standing/walking during the day has reduced my back pain and made it easier to sleep at night. I only give it 4 out of 5, because I routinely use multiple computers and external monitors, and there's not enough room for all the electronics and a notebook or reference materials.


    20. I love my TrekDesk and tell all of my coworkers about it! It's great to get off that desk chair!


    21. I think the TrekDesk is the most important  piece of furniture in my office and it has positively changed the way I work and how i feel even after a long day. I have more energy and I'm more apt to be active both during the week and on the weekends.


    22. I'd give it a 5.  i guess i need to go over to Amazon and write a review :)


    23. I would give it a 5 Star Rating.


    24. Assembly was easy. It does what it's supposed to do. It has held up very well.


    25. 5 -worth every penny. Will never return to sitting at work. Wish I could have a few more for coworkers.


    26. 5 -- a great product.


    27. A life style changer.


    28. I have been using the desk for a month and find it easy to use. I know it's a healthier way to work. Not too difficult to put together although we could not use one of the height levels as the holes would not line up properly.


    29. The make a very real difference in your well being and your health.  It provides options for those that must work at a desk for 8 -10 hours per day.


    30. 5. Awesome product, easily adaptable to various makes and models of treadmill.


    31. 5 - Really a great choice.


    32. I have never posted a review. If I did, I'd give the TrekDesk 4.5 stars - as I love my TrekDesk... but would love it more if the height could be set lower! :)


    33. A few years ago, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to begin telecommuting on a regular basis.  At that time, I was also attending online classes in the evening.  Even though I normally squeezed in an hour workout between the job and school, I was still spending 12-14 hours each day sitting behind the keyboard.  As they say these days, sitting is the new smoking.  It was then I decided I needed to invest in myself.  I'm sure glad I did.  The TrekDesk is a very stable platform for my laptop, external monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  I normally walk 3-4 hours each day @0.5 mph while I work.  I set my treadmill on an incline to increase my energy output while still walking at a slower pace to reduce bounce.  Typing is not a problem.  Mouse control takes a little practice.  No problems reading the monitor.  People I work with don't complain about background noise but, I use a wired headset with my phone (a wireless headset would likely work equally well).  However, I turn my treadmill off when I have to present on a conference call.  The biggest challenge I had with the TrekDesk was finding the correct height.  If I don't have the keyboard, mouse, and monitor at the correct height, I put strain on my neck and shoulders.  With some experimenting, I was able to find the correct height adjustment and if I maintain good posture and don't reach for the mouse, I have minimal to no strain on my neck and shoulders.  As I said, the TrekDesk is very stable and doesn't move much as I walk.  The only negatives about my setup are that the TrekDesk with the monitor on top block the controls of the treadmill and the space requirement.  Obviously, having a treadmill and the TrekDesk in your office takes up a lot of floor space.  Overall, I rate the TrekDesk at 4 stars out of 5.


    34. 5 of 5.  Great product that is very well made.  One of those few purchases where you feel you truly get your money's worth of use out of it.  My treadmill collected dust until I got my TrekDesk!


    35. The product is inspired!


    36. Best decision I have ever made for an office desk. I have had many desks but because I can stand and walk while I work my job performance has significantly improved. I still can't believe the amount of energy I have at the end of the day. What I notice the most is I do not have the mid morning or afternoon lull as I did with sitting all day, sometimes 10 hours a day. Thank you TrekDesk!!


    37. Definitely a 5.  I love this desk because it gives me ample work space while allowing me to use my treadmill. 


    38. I'm very pleased with the product. I looked around locally to see if I could buy a treadmill desk, but most of the stores that carried treadmills had never even heard of a treadmill desk! I'd rate the TrekDesk about a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5.


    39. It is a great thing to have especially for those that work from home.  Not only was the desk easy to put together, it fits perfectly with my treadmill.  I love the style and amount of desk space.  I'm very happy I purchased the desk and have encouraged several of my colleagues who work from home to get one. 


    40. Rating 3.5.  The TrekDesk is serviceable and spacious but ugly.  I love the add on features of water bottle holder, stacking file holders, etc.  The area for the monitor could be a bit deeper - I hit the motor casing of the treadmill with my toes when I 'belly up' to the desk (too short of a treadmill deck).  Also, the more I use it, the more I wish it had a lower drawer/shelf for the keyboard.  The textured surface is not great for writing on.  Overall it's a serviceable desk, but I wish it was prettier.


    41. Highly recommended.


    42. It's a very steady product once assembled--and the directions to do that are fairly straight-forward.  I can't believe that my cat hasn't claimed it yet!


    43. Cool idea and niche!


    44. 5 Stars. It's a life-changer in that I am no longer spending my day sitting. While I'm standing much more than walking, which I feel somewhat bad about, I still feel it's way better than sitting. I couldn't have done that without the ease and affordability of this product.


    45. 4 Stars.  Love how it keeps me active.


    46. 5.0 out of 5 stars If you are looking for an affordable treadmill desk you can use with your existing treadmill, this is it. AMAZING PRODUCT!!.


    47. One of the BEST purchases we have ever made!


    48. We liked this so much that we bought a 2nd one for my husband's office. I did a lot of research on treadmill desks in hopes of finding one that wasn't an all-in-one and found many but they were all over $1,000. When I saw this one I was a bit skeptical. We were pleasantly surprised when we got it put together and placed over our treadmill. Our treadmill is a Proform (I think it is a 750) so I needed a desk tall enough to clear the handles. This one fits perfectly over it, and still has a lot of room to be raised even higher. It is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to hold my laptop, paperwork, binders, and an additional 24" monitor/stand, and still work well. Another great feature of the TrekDesk is that it folds up (the legs fold in) so you can lie it flat or stand it up on end somewhere if you don't want to use it right then.


    49. If you've been thinking of getting a treadmill desk and don't want to spend a ton of money, I would highly recommend buying a TrekDesk. You won't be disappointed.


    50. I absolutely love it compared to sitting for 8 to 10 hours a day.  It really does kill two birds with one stone...


    51. I would rate it a 5. 


    52. I have already posted a review on Amazon & have answered questions that other people had before they ordered The TrekDesk.  I do love it!!


    53. I'd give it a 4. It's easy to assemble, lightweight, and has a ton of room.


    54. Great product.  A bit ugly.  Would be nice if I could fold up my treadmill (I customized it so I could, but it's a hack).


    55. Easy to setup.  Great height controls.  Has made it possible to stand or walk rather than sit all day.  Great improvement in my work life.


    56. I think it is a cost effective way to get people to try to walk while they work.  It is light weight and relatively easy to move, if needed, so if you are not fully committed/sure, this is a great treadmill desk to start with.

    57. It's pretty great, just hard to get in the habit of using.


    58. I think this desk is great for people that are too busy to stop working to exercise. I work with at a law firm and these attorneys don't even have time to breath so being able to work and walk at the same time is great for them and gives them more energy.


    59. It works.  It is expensive for what it is, but it does what it says it will do.


    60. Well designed, well made and a valuable multi-tasking, time saving, health assisting addition to your office.


    61. Love it. Gave up my sit down desk for it.


    62. 4 Stars, the only reason it is not a 5 is the size/space it utilizes.


    63. 5 Stars.


    64. I would rate it as a 5!  I love my TrekDesk and can't imagine every going back to a sitting or even a standing, but stationary, desk.  I believe the movement keeps me focused and increases my productivity.  I feel good about logging 5-miles of walking per day.  My office is located in an office "mall" and I get many gawkers in awe of my desk set-up.  I never, ever, hesitate to show it off and encourage everyone to consider getting one.


    65. 5 Stars.  It is a wonderful product, well designed and sturdy and so comfortable to use.  I had considered building my own but this desk is far better and worth the money than any home made treadmill desk.


    66. Love the desk it has increased my work load capability and keeps me awake and productive while improving my health.


    67. It's amazing.   I use it daily and I feel great! 


    68. 3 - good product, but can be improved to better replace a traditional desk with a place to put a pen and/or outlets etc.  Pretty basic...


    69. I have posted an Amazon review, it was a 5.


    70. Solid construction, easy to assemble, adequate working surface and above all affordable price.


    71. I think the TrekDesk is amazing! I feel great after plugging in 6 or 7 miles a day while I work from home.


    72. It is the smartest invention. Humans were not meant to sit around all day. If I had the money, I'd buy everyone in the office one & that's where we'd hold our meetings!


    73. I love my TrekDesk! I teach college online and find it really helps me stay energized, motivated and feeling enthusiastic! I love walking now, and the time goes so fast, I don't notice hours have passed. I have also lost 20 pounds and feel healthier than ever. I tell all of my colleagues to get one. I rate it a 5!


    74. I would like to get more "mileage" under my belt before providing a review.


    75. 4 Stars.  I like the opportunity to give feedback on products that I purchase.


    76. It works for me.


    77. Worth every dime.


    78. The TrekDesk is surprisingly heavy. That makes it difficult to assemble, requiring a favor from a friend to come over and help lift it into place. On the other hand, it's quite stable once it's ready.


    79. Good product.


    80. I would rate it at a 3. I maybe used it beyond what it is intended use is but I cannot use it anymore.


    81. My TrekDesk is amazing.  It's sturdy, versatile, large enough to hold everything I need.  Love the fact that with my busy life of being a full time working mom of two small children, I can still get moving, get in a workout, put in my eight hours of work and donate to a charity (clean water-filter fast), all in a single day, seriously love this product.


    82. Already posted a review on Amazon - five stars, of course.


    83. My purchase of the Trek Desk is one of the best health decisions that I have ever made! Lets face it, exercise sucks! But, being on Facebook is fun, and computer work is necessary. Thus, by combining together these activities, exercise sucks less. That's right, you read that correctly! Exercise can actually suck less! I use my TrekDesk every single day now, and I don't even have to force myself to do it! As for value, TrekDesk is by far the best value out there! I would know, I searched around for the best desk to meet my needs. I found that there was a huge price difference between TrekDesk and its competitors. It's true, the competitors may have had a higher quality product in that they offered desks made from wood, etc., but even so, the price difference could not be justified, it was enormous (anywhere from six to ten times the cost of the TrekDesk!). Not to mention, the TrekDesK is light weight and can be easily dissembled when needed. But, hands down, the price for quality is where TrekDesK has its biggest competitive edge over their competitors! My desk serves its purpose well. It supports my computer and key board, as well as has an organizer to stack my papers, mail, etc. It even has a cup holder! As for weight loss, well, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed initially as the scale seemed unwilling to budge. However, my clothes did seem to fit better. But my husband noticed that I had better muscle tone to my calves, thighs and butt. Thus, I was losing fat and building muscle at the same time, and since muscle is heavier than fat.. it explains my scale problem. I would highly recommend the TrekDesk to anyone, especially those people who think that exercise sucks.


    84. 5.  The TrekDesk has efficiently allowed me to turn my workspace into a standing/walking desk.


    85. I like the idea very much but I found it impractical.


    86. The TrekDesk has helped me maintain my health, weight, flexibility and energy - while turning 74 this month. It truly has kept me out of the rocking chair.


    87. I would rate it a 4.5. Just needs to be a little deeper for a perfect 5!


    88. 4 Stars. Make it easier to adjust and you have a 5.


    89. I would rate it a 4.


    90. I would rate it 5...I love my treadmill desk!  It is probably going to lengthen my life.


    91. The TrekDesk is amazing.  It's a great way to get your steps in without disrupting your daily schedule. It keeps my energy level up all day so I rely less on caffeinated drinks to beat the morning or midday slump.  I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to get out of the chair and get in motion.


    92. I would give the TrekDesk a 5 out of 5.  It is an efficient and affordable way to easily make a standing/walking desk.


    93. I love my trekdesk - would totally rate a 5.  It's incredibly useful, and whenever I have people over for the first time they always ask about it.  I tell them if they have a treadmill (especially one they don't use all the time already) to pick up a trekdesk ASAP!  It's a must with every treadmill.


    94. 5 - it is amazing.. Worth every penny.


    95. Love the concept and has enabled me to remove sitting from my work day.


    96. Why would anyone sit while they work unless you are doing lots of handwriting. I walk 1.5 miles/hour to 2 working on the computer, making phone calls no problem. We were not designed to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day.  Also, building your own takes more time and is not adjustable. I did build one and still bought this instead!


    97. 5 Stars.


    98. I would rate the Trek Desk 4 out of 5 stars, based on my feedback for improvements in the previous question. Overall, I really enjoy this product, am highly satisfied, and am glad that I made this purchase.


    99. Design 5 star-Build quality 3 star-Motivator (treadmill plays part) 5 stars.


    100. Good sturdy product.



    101. I would rank TrekDesk aMy mental health has improved since I started using it, and I work in cardiology, so I understand intimately the importance of moving, avoiding immobility.  I have gotten lots of positive feedback from co-workers and patients who have seen my set up.  It's genius, really!



    102. I've posted a review on Amazon and Facebook.



    103. 5 stars and totally awesome. TrekDesk has saved my sanity and my knees!!! I have tri compartmental syndrome in both knees (age 60!) and would not be as fit and healthy and able to keep up with my grandchildren without the TrekDesk.



    104. 4 plus.



    105. GreatReally like the flexibility to add the treadmill of your choice, but note not all work with the desk.  Very functional.  Could look better. 



    106. Great idea and my wife gets the credit.



    107. We'd rate Trek desk 5 !  The concept is fantastic. Wish we had it years ago. Functionality is amazing; work surface is as large as most office desks. We have learned that "working vertically" is more healthy and more productive! All of our friends are interested.



    108.5 Stars


    109.Excellent product for the price, very happy with the purchase. 



    110. Although I don't use it as often as I should, when I do, it is a great work area and doesn't interfere with my treadmill at all. There is plenty of work space on the desk and most of the length of the treadmill is still available without falling off the end. I rate TrekDesk a 5 out of 5 for ease of assembly, ease of use, adjustability, convenience, and sturdiness.


    111. 4.5 Stars - LOVE my TrekDesk! The design is so simple, but so ingenious! I love that you can use any old treadmill and have a spacious desk that does not compromise on features, size, or utility. I have been using my desk for about 2 years and love the way it keeps me alert, juices flowing, and more engaged in my work all day long.  If you are not using a treadmill desk instead of a sitting desk, you are totally missing out on a great health benefit!



    112. I have posted a review and continue to appreciate the economical functionality TrekDesk provides.



    113. 8 out of 10



    114. I would give it a 4+....not a 5 because of the the things I believe need to be improved that I listed earlier in theBut it has been great overall.  The size is awesome and big enough for me to really get work done without worrying about needing other horizontal spaces to put work.  I do love the desk and of course the benefits I believe I get for not sitting all day.  Great value for the price I paid!



    115. I love it -5 Stars.  



    116. 5 Absolutely a 5... can't believe I did not try itRelieved back pain 100% and helped to relieve stress symptoms which made me sick for a year and a half before I realized it was stress.



    117. I purchased the TrekDesk because when I am not traveling for business, I was sitting at my desk on the computer or on a conference call. The TrekDesk became a critical component of my perpetration for a 10 day trek to Annapurna Base Camp (13,500 FT) in Nepal last February. There was no real way to prep for the trip so I set the Treadmill on incline of 8 and walked just about every day while I was doing my day job. Since I have started walking on the TrekDesk, I have lost aboutAll and all - I am pleased with the concept and the results.



    118. I can do it.



    119. Trekdesk is great. Increased focus and energy is a nice byproductusing this desk.  Be sure to get a quiet treadmill.



    120. I would give this a 5 rating. It is great.



    121. I loveit. It was one of the only treadmill desks that truly accommodates people that have a treadmill with a front control panel.  It is very sturdy, which I was surprised by.  Super quality. Easy to put together. Immediately used.



    122. The TrekDesk is one of the best purchases I've ever made! It keeps me energized, focused, in shape and happy. It's sturdy and the design was well-planned. It has helped me immensely with my recovery from chronic illness.



    123. I would rate it a 3. It works well, but the size is a bit too large.



    124. 5 Stars. - The TrekDesk is the perfect addition to any home or corporate office. There are no other top quality desks like it on the market at a comparable price. The size of the desk looks overwhelming, but it perfectly holds my printer, two laptops, files and office supplies. It fits perfectly over my Horizon T-101 treadmill and allows me to easily adjust speed/incline without disrupting my work. As a Senior Account Manager for a wellness company, I recommend the TrekDesk to all of my clients to improve presenteeism, biometrics, joint pain, focus and overall well-being at work.


    125. 4.5 Stars- This is an amazing concept, and with a few added features would be absolutely perfect. Being able to walk while working in my home office has been beneficial to my health, energy levels, and work performance. I would like to see locking casters and a built-in power strip added.



    126. I would give TrekDesk a 5 easily.



    127. I do enjoy using TrekDesk it energizes me instead of getting sleepy.



    128. I love the TrekDesk treadmill desk. I was concerned that it would be difficult to get used to typing and walking at the same time and it was remarkably easy!



    129. Love my TrekDesk - has improved, mood, energy and cognitive thinking during work day.



    130. Great time-saving health enhancing equipment.



    131. Performs as advertised,  great value,  sturdy piece of equipment.



    132. Great way to be physically active and get your work done. I use a dictation program so simply talk to my computer while walking. At 1.5 mph you can pretty much do anything on the computer.



    133. I love theAt first it was a bit intimidating. It is larger than I thought it would be, but that has proved to be quite useful. I am working my way up to walking the entire work day.  However, the desk is quite functional as a standing desk.



    134. Rate a 5.



    135. I think that the TrekDesk is a very simple and complete product to use in benefitting from fitness whileI've seen many variations on treadmill desks, both DIY and commercial, and TrekDesk makes it S-I-M-P-L-E.



    136. I'd give it 4.5 stars. The one we have wobbles a bit which again is probably the integration between the treadmill and the desk.



    137. I would rate it a 4 only because it needs shelves below the desktop. Otherwise it's a 5! It is sturdy, stable, roomy, and able to fit over my existing treadmill making it a much less expensive option than others I reviewed.



    138. One of the best new exercise tools (yes, it is an exercise tool) allowing one to do much more time on a treadmill since work and personal paperwork can be completed at the same time. Or, just surf the web and let the time fly.



    139. I LOVE my TrekDesk and rave about it to everyone. I have had a bad back for years that makes sitting for extended periods of time painful, I tried a stand up desk with little relief but the TrekDesk has been a lifesaver. I use it daily and am able to work at my computer for hours pain free.



    140. Really great treadmill desk at the right price. Plenty of workspace with convenient cup/ pen holders, a document holder and file. Walk while you work, exercise while you work and feel better doing so.



    141. Great product - love everything about it!



    142. Lots of room to work.



    143. 5 Stars - although still room for improvement, it gets the jobs done.



    144. Excellent product. Should be in all offices for anyone that would like to use it, an alternative to sitting all day and being inactive.



    145. I love it!  It is a great product and my co-workers are jealous!



    146. I would rate it aIt is sufficient to accomplish the goal, but it could be designed a bit better and built with a higher quality look.



    147. Every single employer in the world should allow their employees to have a TrekDesk. Period. End of story. For the price, quality, and health benefits there isn't a single reason why they shouldn't.



    148. I really like how much more focused I am when I work. My posture is better. I don'get slumped over in front of my desk. I have more energy. I'm able to still handwrite letters and fill out forms, while I'm walking.



    149. Not usinghad to keep hopping on and hopping off and turning the treadmill on and off.  Treadmill was noisy. Hard to walk and write at the same time. Losing too much productivity.



    150. 5 Stars. I love it!



    151. I need a larger computer monitor in order to be able to see the screen while walking without my reading glasses. Wearing the reAding glasses while walking makes you dizzy.



    152. The TrekDesk should be an option for all employees that are tied to aIt's amazing how easy it is to use.  It actually takes some of the boredom of computer work and makes it an efficient use of time, such as waiting while printing, or reading email. 



    153. I wish it had worked out forAt the time I was in a "front office" where I couldn't use the desk.  I also couldn't find a treadmill that worked well with it.  I passed it along to a woman with a back problem that uses it in her home office and loves it.



    154. I LOVE my TrekDesk and am sad that this knee injury (torn ACL) has kept me from it for so long. When I was using it regularly, I would walk at ~1.7 mph for anywhere from 2-4 hours.  I found a side benefit of using the TrekDesk that it made getting in my water for the day easy because I would become thirsty.  Thank goodness cup holders are provided!  Another bonus of the TrekDesk -- it's hard to fall asleep during boring meetings if you are walking!  While I have been easing back into my use of my desk 20-40 minutes at a time, I look forward to my longer treks again in the near future. 5 stars.



    155. TrekDesk is probably the best purchase made for our homeProvides plenty of desk space and allows us to work an exercise at the same time.  Great stress reducer as well.



    156. I give my trek desk five stars. It makes me more productive and I always feel energized when I'm finished and I would recommend it to anyone where do you work long hours at a computer, or if your stay at home mom working on your expenses. It's easy to set up and I've had absolutely no issues with it.



    157. I've already done an Amazon review. Five stars, of course!



    158. I find this an invaluable way to stay fit and get work done at the same time.


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