Summary:  Treadmill desks keep employees healthy but what about productivity? A new study published in the journal Obesity proves what TrekDesk Treadmill Desk has been promoting for the past five years.

TrekDesk and treadmill desks in general have generated quite a bit of controversy over the past few years. Speculative objections from critics have decreased significantly as a steady flow of new studies continually illustrate the health benefits of walking while working. While the health attributes have been well documented many remaining critics pinned their skepticism on an employee’s ability to remain productive while walking on a treadmill desk.  A new study published in the journal Obesity confirms that not only is worker productivity not diminished it is enhanced by walking. 

The one year study (reviewable online)  was conducted at a financial services company in Oakdale, MN where 36 sedentary employees (25 women/ 11 men) were evaluated in an initial two week baseline period to measure their normal sedentary habits along with measurements of body composition, workplace performance and glucose, lipid, insulin and Hemoglobin A1C.

Each study participant then received a dedicated treadmill desk in exchange for their normal office chair and desk which offered the option to walk or sit at their command. The employees were then evaluated at a 6 month and 12 month intervals. Workplace productivity was measured weekly via surveys completed by both the employees and supervisors independently.

Results: The average amount of time to adjust to using the treadmill desks for all employees was less than 5 minutes. There were no injuries or reportable events during the entire year study. There was no measurable objection to the use of treadmill desks during the entire study period. Subjects showed increased daily physical activity and measurable decreases in sedentary time during their workdays. While there was a minor loss in workplace performance reported in the first 3-5 months of the study by the end of the year workplace performance actually exceeded baselines. Obese employees lost more weight than their lean counterparts and “significantly” increased their daily physical activity levels above baseline.

“If an employer wants their employees to be more productive, healthier and more of a financial asset to the corporation they need to realize the importance of keeping employees upright and moving during the day,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desks. “All of the initial objections have been disproved through careful scientific studies over the years. It is a proven scientific fact that treadmill desks boost mood and productivity, prevent disease and improve mental and physical health.”
TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

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