Scientists are learning what many may already sense intuitively regarding the relationship between health and activity levels: more activity yields better health results. A recent study of the relationship between exercise and heart health showed this to be the case once again.




The new study published in the Journal of Proteome Research shed more light on the inner workings of a cell’s power production facility, the mitochondria, and how activity impacts heart health.


TrekDesk previously reported on the importance of activity and its effect on the mitochondria in muscle cells throughout the body. That study showed a direct correlation between activity levels and the number of mitochondria produced by the body. The more an individual exercised the greater the number of mitochondria produced by their muscle cells. The more we move the more energy our bodies are capable of producing, conversely the more we sit the lower the number of mitochondria and subsequent energy levels.


Focusing on the heart specifically this new study found similar results in heart cells as was found in muscle cells. Studying mice that were exercised on treadmills they found an increase in the number and efficiencies of the mitochondria in the heart cells. The medical community has long known of the heart health benefits of daily exercise but this study was the first to document its effect at the cellular level.


As in the previous study an increase in levels of two proteins, kinases known as RAF and p38, were noted as important components in the increased energy proficiency of the heart cells.


Science is continually unlocking the secrets as to how the body operates and a central theme emerges time and time again. Movement is critical to optimal health. There are no shortcuts, no quick fixes, no magic pills to compensate for a lack of physical activity.


Unfortunately, a majority of Americans achieve less than ½ the daily minimum recommendation for walking set by the Surgeon General (10,000 steps per day) as a result 70% of the adult population is overweight with 35% classified as obese.


Most Americans cite a lack of time and motivation as the main reasons that they fail to hit the minimum movement recommendations. A treadmill desk from TrekDesk has helped thousands overcome these two obstacles. TrekDesk allows individuals to get the necessary movement their health requires without taking any extra time out of the day and requires no extra motivation. Employees either stand while they work or activate the treadmill and stay in motion while attending to work tasks.


The results of staying in motion throughout the day are significant. Walking has been shown to drastically reduce the risk of major illnesses such as cancers, stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Walking also has been shown to have significant mental health and cognitive advantages as well as boosting productivity and creativity levels in workers.


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