Summary:  TrekDesks have been used in university health studies across America. An ASU doctoral candidate's research reports findings regarding the effect of walking on employee’s blood pressure.


Zach Ziegler, a doctoral student at Arizona State University has been studying the impact of walking and working with the assistance of eight donated TrekDesk Treadmill Desks. The study findings have been significant according to a recent interview published online in the State Press.

“I met with Zach and ASU exercise and wellness professor Pamela Swan a number of years ago and was impressed with their knowledge of what is now being labeled ‘sedentary science’ and their desire to uncover more about the health hazards of sitting and how walking at a desk could impact that,” stated Steve Bordley, CEO of TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. “We felt compelled to help in any way that we could and were happy to donate the TrekDesks for the study.”

The results were significant. Zach’s research has won awards and acclaim across the scientific community. “His research is exceptional, because it shows for the first time that this very easy kind of exercise, which is hardly exercise at all, because it’s just typing standing up and walking very slowly, can actually make a big difference in somebody’s health,” Swan related in the interview with the State Press.
Zeigler used the eight donated TrekDesks to measure the effects of mild exercise on study participant’s blood pressure at various intervals during the workday.
Just how profound Zach’s findings could be for public health are further detailed in the State Press article. His findings added to the growing body of evidence of health benefits of walking at a desk at work. In his analysis he found that simply walking at a low speed of 1 mph had a significant impact in the reduction of blood pressure rates among study participants.
“If our population changed to make our jobs more active, if we saw that kind of reduction on a population basis, we could reduce rates for stroke and cardiovascular events by 10 to 12 percent,” Zach related. “On a population basis, that would be pretty successful.”

Sedentary lifestyles and work environments are significant contributors to all major disease categories that afflict every industrialized country across the globe. The major killers in the United States -heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer all have a direct link to inactivity levels, which have risen precipitously in the past decades.

Obesity, shown to be caused primarily by low levels of activity among Americans (more so than dietary factors), has been linked to 54 specific diseases that plague the nation’s health. Despite this fact there is very little focus on patient’s activity and inactivity levels during health screenings. Major initiatives such as the Exercise is Medicine campaign out of the American College of Sports Medicine hope to change that through education to primary physicians.

Moderate activity such as walking has been shown to strengthen the immune system, restore health and prevent disease and Zach Ziegler’s research is a great example of studies which add to an overflowing body of evidence that support the need to mitigate inactivity on a daily basis for optimum health. More information on the health benefits of restricting the amount of inactivity in an employee’s day may be found in the TrekDesk Benefits and Research sections.


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